Class Descriptions

Sacred Awareness (Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan)
The yoga of awareness, the householders’ yoga.  Kept secret for thousands of years, Yogi Bhajan brought it to the West in 1969.  Use breath, mantra, posture, mudra (hand positions), and eye focus to balance body, mind and spirit to reach your highest potential.  
Sacred Barre
A graceful, yet powerful workout using core-strengthening movements based on ballet fundamentals.  It’s a low-impact, energizing, and effective workout for all levels of fitness and body types
Sacred Flow
Moving with more attention to detail and with more modifications offered, these classes are great for building your practice and your confidence.  Suitable for older, less fit and recovering bodies, but also a great reminder for those with more experience.
Sacred Foundations
Gentle Vinyasa flow movement for beginners and people of all ages, genders and experience levels
Sacred Journey
A class on Shamanic Journeying, using guided meditation to connect with the source of any physical or emotional ailments, such as anxiety or depression. Tap into your inner wisdom with your Spirit Animal as you take sacred journeys within.
Sacred Mind
Quieting the mind to release stress, anxiety and to awaken one’s inner teacher.  Come and explore your inner world in a relaxed and safe environment.  Warm up and movement, pranayama (breathing techniques) and guided meditation.
Sacred Posture
Our classical Hatha Yoga classes strengthen the body and still the mind by interweaving postures, visualizations & breath. Feel rejuvenated and restored. Suitable for all levels and ability.
Sacred Restoration
Focuses on relaxing the body in restful postures. Rest provides the body an  opportunity to renew and heal. Great for injury recovery and back pain.
Sacred Sound
Featuring sacred music, singing bowls and the gong.  The gong is an ancient instrument of relaxation and deep meditation.  Regarded as a “portal to the infinite”, the gong simultaneously creates every sound frequency possible.  As these sonic frequencies wash over the body, the brain goes into alpha wave conscious deep relaxation.  The class can include warm-up yoga and breathing.
Sacred Strength
A fluid moving yoga class designed to increase your strength, stamina, and flexibility. Enjoy the benefits of yoga and a great workout. Similar to Power Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga.  Some prior yoga experience is recommended.

Sacred Stretch
Stretch and release in this Yin-style class.  Instead of using your muscles to hold a pose, you release and relax into a pose.

All classes on the weekly schedule are covered on your passes and memberships unless otherwise specified. 

Sacred Arts also provides workshops throughout the year. Visit us regularly to see what is on the horizon.

Registered Sessions

Sacred Kids (Ages 5 – 9)*

By far the most popular youth yoga class!  Learn yoga poses that connect the mind and body.  Explore yogic games, music, relaxation and meditation.  Always connecting to our “inner teacher”.  Minimum 5 children to run.

Sacred Youth (Ages 10 – 15)*

For youth interested in yoga but aren’t ready to join the adult classes yet.  Learn how to positively manage stress and listen to your intuition.  Minimum 5 students to run.

Sacred Seniors*

This is a light-flow class designed to loosen stiff joints and create movement with ease. Yoga in this class may be done on mats, bolsters, or chairs. The use of props makes this an accessible class for all. 

Sacred Mother*

Birth from within, increase mind/body awareness and connection with baby to prepare for the birthing process.  Deepen your experience and enjoyment of pregnancy and enhance postnatal recovery.  Gentle postures, breathwork, relaxation and meditation used to increase flexibility, calm and confidence.  No previous experience necessary, beneficial at any stage of pregnancy.  Registration required.

Sacred Baby*

For new moms with babies under 6 months.  This class is a great place to connect with other moms, socialize babies and discuss all the things that go along with motherhood.  Registration required, minimum 5 duo’s to run.

Sacred Miracles*

On the last Tuesday of the month, join Lisa to explore the teachings of a Course in Miracles, a profound writing on choosing love in every moment

Sacred Curves*

This Hatha-based registered session offers tips, tricks and modifications that are designed to make yoga work for your unique body. Build strength, reduce stress and cultivate joy. Every body is a yoga body!